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Character Development Program

Mental Health - PBIS - Anti-Bullying - Suicide Awareness and so MUCH more!


Educate future leaders

locally and nationally


Empower people to 

StandUp StandOut (SUSO)


Encourage a culture to achieve their goals.


Equip this generation to be leaders

Coach David Verdu


Lifelong Educator and Award-Winning Coach 

David Verdu founded Way Beyond Measure out of a desire to positively impact the minds and hearts of students, teachers, families, corporations, and communities of this nation.


Being a mother of young children, she can’t imagine just sitting back and not doing anything; so, she is standing up and standing out to help make a difference as a volunteer at Way Beyond Measure.

Susan Tucker
Vice President

Supporting teenagers with hidden emotional trauma. Putting in place an early intervention program using a trauma informed approach. Objective being to reduce class disruption, increase attendance and build aspiration.

Catherine Wensley

United Kingdom Director 

Way Beyond Measure is NOT just an Anti-bullying Program….


We don’t just go into Schools, Communities, Corporate and set up for our event, give a great and inspired speech, than leave! We stay and engage with the group!  We eat with them. We listen with them.  We visit their space and chat with them.  We ask about their life, home life, their friendships, their successes, and their striving.  We get to encourage them to speak to people about what is going on in their lives.  If they choose to come to one of us in confide, then we LISTEN, and point them in the direction of a trusted counselor, locally trained professional, etc. who can offer continued help.  Getting them to open up and start talking is the FIRST step of many on their road to helping themselves or trying to help others. We believe the key to helping people achieve a successful future can be found in our Character Development Program and in our effective Prevention Techniques.

Mental Health - PBIS - Anti-Bullying - Suicide Awareness and so MUCH more!



"The students were positively engaged and tuned in during the entire program and they gave positive feedback about the SUSO program."

 Nicole Fairchild

  Jasper School District

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