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2 Day Hands-On Courses for Adults


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Our unique Teacher's Insight Program (TIP) combines proven esteem-building techniques with hands- on role playing and scenario evaluations.  This program can be tailored to the specific needs of your school's staff size and availability.
‚ÄčTIP is a 2-day course (for best results), however, it can be condensed into a 1 day or 4 hour program and  delivered at your school or any other local facility. Courses can be structured in small group settings.  

Teacher's Insight Program Includes:

  • Bullying Prevention Program
  • 40 Development Assets for Students
  • Follow to Lead – Deescalating Situations
  • 5 Characteristics of GRIT - How many do you have?
  • Keys to Classroom Management
  • 12 Habits of a Happy Teacher
  • Inspiring Positive Relationships
  • The Power of One and The Power of Many
  • The New Rx for Education: Relationships
  • Keeping Kids Safe and Healthy in a Toxic Society
  • Getting to the Heart of Education-Listening to the At-Risk Student
  • Teachers "Need" Self-Care 101!!!

The goal of the Parent Engagement Program (PEP) is to intentionally work with students, their parents/families, and their community by giving them the tools to strengthen relationships, empower decision-making and problem-solving, and address the many challenges that can shatter the family dynamic.

PEP is a 2-day course (for best results), however, it can be condensed into a 1 day or 4-hour program and delivered at your school or any other local community facility. Courses can be structured in small group settings.

Parent Engagement Program Includes:

  • Survive & Thrive as a Single Parent.
  • There’s No “I” in TEAM Parenting.
  • Building and Sustaining Parent-Child Relationships.
  • The Importance of a Structured, Calm Home Environment!
  • Blended Family Bonding.
  • Teach the “Attitude” of Gratitude!
  • The Power of Empowerment and Encouragement!
  • Parents “Need” Self-Care 101!

Tiffany Brown

Director of TAPS

Tiffany Brown is a passionate and dedicated enterprising leader serving students,
faculty and staff, and parents with over 25 years of experience. Tiffany has been a
Classroom Teacher, Instructional Coordinator, Assistant Principal, Principal, District RtI
Coach, and District SPED Instructional Specialist. She motivates, inspires, and
empowers educators and students to be the best version of themselves by reaching
their fullest potential. Tiffany specializes in Education and Leadership Consulting and
Coaching committing to training and modeling self-value to other educators while
showing pride towards the profession she chose to make a positive difference in the
lives of all students. A strong believer in the power of growth mindset and positive
thinking in the school setting, Tiffany regularly researches and utilizes the latest best
practices in this lifelong learning journey to support teachers and grow students
academically, behaviorally, and socially.


Tiffany has been given the honor and privilege of joining Way Beyond Measure as the
Director of Teacher and Parent Support (TAPS) which consists of the dynamic Teacher
Insight Program (TIP) and the evolving Parent Engagement Program (PEP). She is
married to Robert and they are parents to their adult daughter, Brianna.


To learn more about our TAPS Program, please contact Tiffany via email: [email protected]