Way Beyond Measure 
is NOT 
just an Anti-bullying Program….

We don’t just go into Schools, Communities, Corporate and set up for our event, give a great and inspired speech, then leave! We stay and engage with the group! 

We eat with them. We listen with them.  We visit their space and chat with them.  We ask about their life, home life, their friendships, their successes, and their strife.  We get to encourage them to speak to people about what is going on in their lives.  

If they choose to come to one of us in confide, then we LISTEN, and point them in the direction of a trusted counselor, locally trained professional, etc. who can offer continued help.  Getting them to open up and start talking is the FIRST step of many on their road to helping themselves or trying to help others.

We truly believe the key to helping people achieve a successful future can be found in our Character Development Program and in our effective Prevention Techniques.

About Coach David Verdu

As a lifelong educator and Award Winning coach, David Verdu

founded Way Beyond Measure out of a desire to positively

impact the minds and hearts of students, teachers, families,

and communities of this nation. Known as “Coach Verdu” to

thousands of young people across the U.S.; he is a charismatic

and energetic speaker, author, singer, and has a knack for

engaging his audience with a wide range of methods of

presentation including comedy, dramatic storytelling,

engaging videos, and occasionally- a little sleight of hand.

His unique style is both inspirational and profoundly insightful, and his message of Anti-Bullying and Character Development leaves a lasting impression upon audiences of all ages and backgrounds.