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Meet the Team

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As a lifelong Educator and Award-Winning Coach, David Verdu founded Way Beyond Measure out of a desire to positively impact the minds and hearts of all people - including students, teachers, administrators, coaches, families, and communities of this nation. Known as “Coach Verdu” to thousands of  people across the U.S.; he is a charismatic and energetic speaker, life coach, author, singer, and has a knack for engaging his audience with a wide range of methods including comedy, dramatic storytelling, captivating videos, and occasionally- a little sleight of hand. His unique style is both inspirational and profoundly insightful, and his message of Hope and Character Development leaves a lasting impression upon audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Give him an hour to Educate, Empower, Encourage, and Equip your Community and watch him effectively change the atmosphere!

Coach David Verdu


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