NOT just an Anti-bullying Program….


We don’t just go into Schools, Communities, Corporate and set up for our event, give a great and inspired speech, then leave! We stay and engage with the group! 

We eat with them. We listen with them.  We visit their space and chat with them.  We ask about their life, home life, their friendships, their successes, and their strife.  We get to encourage them to speak to people about what is going on in their lives.  

If they choose to come to one of us in confide, then we LISTEN, and point them in the direction of a trusted counselor, locally trained professional, etc. who can offer continued help.  Getting them to open up and start talking is the FIRST step of many on their road to helping themselves or trying to help others.

We truly believe the key to helping people achieve a successful future can be found in our Character Development Program and in our effective Prevention Techniques.

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We Teach...



Is it true?



Is it helpful?



Is it inspiring?



Is it necessary?



Is it kind?


A message from Coach Verdu

Attitude is a Choice.

So is Bullying.

Bullying Defined: An attitude, aggressive behavior forcibly imposed on another. It’s a good definition however, what one would call bullying the other would say is “just playing”.  I think what we fail to see is what is behind the action…like the ATTITUDE!  Are we really looking closely and paying attention to what is going on?

An attitude is a decided or chosen behavior. You choose everyday how you will act: in accordance with appropriate standards, aggressive, passive, angry, emotional, self-serving, anxious, withdrawn, or controlled. You have a choice from the beginning of your day whether you will or will not allow all of the details of the day to take control of you. Attitude is not as much about circumstances that occur, but about your response to those things. Therefore, learning to take control of your attitude will dictate your daily actions: positive, or negative.

“Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry”. We would save ourselves a lot of pain and heart ache if we follow one simple rule: slow down when we’re angry or hurt and THINK  before we act or speak.  Yet, we usually do just the opposite. We’re quick to speak, slow to listen, and swift to become angry. That’s backwards! But if you learn to THINK – be slow to speak and quick to listen – then you’ll find yourself becoming less angry and acting out on it less often. How do you slow down and THINK before rushing to anger? Consider these five (5) questions before you act or speak when you’re hurt or angry.

                      T:   Is it True? Is what I’m about to say true?

                      H:   Is it Helpful? Will this be helpful or hurtful?

                       I   Is it Inspiring? Does it build up or does it tear down?

                      N:   Is it Necessary? If it’s not necessary don’t say it!

                      K   Is it Kind? Will it encourage or discourage?

Those of us who are close enough to get involved and make a difference must be willing to do so. The time to act is now!

Our hope is that you will be educated and empowered, ready to Stand Up Stand Out. Awareness is the first step and continuing to spread the knowledge and teach effective ways to intervene is next.

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Johnny Holland,  Bless Ministries

"Coach David Verdu is one of those unusual people who has become who he is by submitting to his opportunities with eagerness and purpose.  Give him a few minutes and he will make a difference in your organization or your school.  His events are life changing in ways that will empower you to rise above your circumstances as he moves you into greater levels of personal worth.  His presentations are filled with excitement, laughter and blasts of unexpected shifts that keeps you moving toward understanding yourself in a deeper way.  Verdu coaches you through each events so you can become liberate to make changes that truly matter."

Nicole Fairchild -Jasper School Dist 

"Way Beyond Measure came to our school district and made a tremendous impact on our 3 campuses.

Staff members said, 'That was a 10 star assembly.'  'That assembly was great!!!'  'Our kids really needed that.'"

"Our students said, 'Thank you so much for bringing them here, I needed to hear that today.' 'That was emotional and intense, so amazing!'

We even had a middle school student tell their parent, 'There was laughter, there were tears, it was awesome!'"

"It has been 2 weeks since the assembly and I just heard an elementary student say, 'SUSO!  Stand Up! Stand Out!' It truly made a lasting impression on our student body and we are so thankful for Way Beyond Measure.  They give their all as they communicate with students in memorable and relevant ways.  Highly recommended!"

Love the Lewis Family

"This is my daughter Desiree Lewis, she is 16 at Paris High School, she is being bullied. They call her a bleep bleep, and etc.

She had no desire to finish high school. She told me every day she wishes she were dead.

Well, that was until she saw your assembly!  Coach, I want to thank you for saving my little girl’s life. She has a new HOPE on LIFE and she is leading and growing in the SUSO leadership program.  Your program is working, and it impacted Desiree’s life forever.  Thank you for all you do.  We will never be able to repay you."

Derrick Newby, Director: Arkansas  4H Youth Leadership Conference 2017

"Coach Verdu was called last minute to fill in as one of our speakers fell through, and wow just wow, he did an amazing job! Read what some of our students had to say:

"High energy and dynamic. Tremendous for the youth and for the adults, keep up the great work."

​"He spoke the TRUTH!"

"He was fantastic. I rate him the #1 trainer out of them all."

"Very engaging, informative and relevant for today...success!"​

"Coach Verdu is FANTASTIC"

​"For sure the best training I've had in a long time. He needed more time. AWESOME!"

Ms. McCarley's Westside Elementary First Grade Class

“I Loved seeing Coach. I learned what it means to Stand Up and Stand Out.”

–JP 6yrs old.

“It was so much fun. I liked doing the chicken dance.”

-JM 7yrs old

“I liked when all the different characters would show up.”

-ZM 6yrs old

“I learned how to use kind words. Your words are like water, you can’t get them back.”

-AY 6yrs old.

“I learned to think before you speak.”

-RP 6yrs old

“The ‘Stand Up! Stand Out! Program’ was fun. Coach talked about how to be nice to other people. I also liked bouncing the ball all around.”

-CS 6yrs old.

“I liked the beginning when we threw beach balls and it was like a dance party with music and lights.”

–BR 6yrs old

“We learned about good words and not nice words.”

–JS 6yrs old

“He had a coloring book and he did MAGIC!!”

–LJ 7yrs old

“I liked his costumes!”

–KB 6yrs old

Chappy Watties, CSCS Middle School Teacher/Assembly Coordinator

"I have had the honor of hosting several Middle School Assembly presentations by Mr. Coach David Verdu from Way Beyond Measure.  Each time, he  brought a very uplifting message that has engaged our students, as well as, challenged them.  The student laughter, mixed with a very powerful messages, are just a few of the reasons why we will host him at our school at least twice every year. 

If you have an opportunity to have this team at your school, I highly recommend them.  They bring a very powerful, dynamic program that empowers students to be themselves. Our student body and staff gets very excited when they know Way Beyond Measure is coming to present.

Don't miss the opportunity for your students to receive the invaluable lessons offered by Way Beyond Measure.  I found them to be easy to work with and very flexible with their allotted speaking times.  Get them on your schedule, then buckle up and enjoy as they take you on a journey of twist and turns.  Your school will not forget this excellent and encouraging program."

Dee Bailey, Westside High School

"Coach Verdu works with our students at Rockin' Rebels, our after school program, and also has spoke at our Fields of Faith gathering.  We absolutely love having him come.  He connects with the kids in a very needed and very unique way.  The energy he brings is out of this world and his life experiences help him relate to young people. His organization is one of a kind, and our kids talk about him for weeks after any event he's ever done for us. Way Beyond Measure is not JUST an organization; they are individuals on a mission to help hurting people, children and adults alike, and their passion for what they do shows!"

Justin Epperson, Graduate Western Yell 

"Hey guys this is a group about StandUp StandOut.  This guy coach David Verdu is the most incredible man I've ever met, so full of life and energy and he is so much fun to talk to and y'all he has a great message for anyone that wants to listen. He impacted my high school in ways u could not believe like everyone was so full of energy after meeting him.  I really enjoyed hearing him talk about what this means to him. So if y'all want to hear incredible man, invite him to visit ur school and tell you all about what it means to live SUSO.  WAY BEYOND MEASURE"


"Coach David Verdu recently presented a "Stand Up, Stand Out" assembly at Sabin Middle School in Colorado Springs School District 11. David's message was focused on individuality. It was uplifting for our students and his delivery was informative and entertaining! The students were positively engaged and tuned in during the entire program and they gave positive feedback about the SUSO program.

Coach Verdu truly made a positive impact in our students body from his presentation. He is a dynamic, entertaining, professional, and an energetic speaker. His presentations are fast-paced, using amazing graphics and video excerpts, as well as, having students participate in the assemblies. He is very approachable and easy to work with, and his sense of humor creates an honesty and ease for students to relate to him."