Behavioral Training


Recognizing Problems and Implementing Solutions Within your Corporation, Parents and Community

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Truth be told these events are never easy, but very necessary. This program can be about many different topics, subjects, and issues depending on your corporation, parents and community's needs.
The bottom line is we want to join you for such an event of RECOGNIZING  PROBLEMS AND IMPLEMENTING SOLUTIONS.
We will dig deep into a Treasure of Golden Relationships that will take your corporate, parents and community to another level.
We will fight all of our fears with knowledge and effective techniques that will transform your group.
We want to equip all with the tools to train up successful and mentally healthy organizations. 


  • 8 Habits of a CHAMPION
  • Be YOU
  • What does it Take to Coach
  • Inspiring Positive Relationships
  • 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents
  • Bullying Prevention Program
  • Feeling Hopeless - Suicide Prevention
  • Grieving
  • DRUGS - What you don't know, but should!
  • Making Wise Choices 
  • Welcome to the Family - Blended Families
  • Mirror , Mirror - Self Image
  • Scars of Pain - Cutting
  • Sexual Bullying- Sexual harassment and Cyber sexual abuse
  • Violence in Schools/Work/Home - Running Offense
Contact us to learn more about the Teacher's Insight Program and how it could benefit your school or corporation.



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