A Word From Coach Verdu...

I was born in the beautiful state of California in the City by the Bay- San Francisco- on June 18, 1966.  I had awesome parents, Joe and Sylvia ,that raised 8 very active boys. (All boys "NO Girls".) My Dad was a pioneer, a trail blazer in the 60's, 70's, and 80's. He played a vital part in starting youth sports programs in the North Bay and today has a sport complex named after him! My Mom, well, she is just simple amazing. She had the strength to teach 8 boys, plus all their friends, how to act like men...people...human beings!

 At this time in my life, I was already being groomed to be just like my Dad.  I would purposely follow him around as much as possible to his events.  All of us boys were very active in sports and by golly, we were pretty good! Well, some of us at least.  However, one thing held me back, ONE thing...ME! I got lazy. I know I'm smart and capable, but I stopped trying to excel, and still to this day I have to constantly conquer my issues with focus, comprehension, writing, and spelling! I believe the word we use now is: A.D.D. (Well, to be honest I have most of the alphabet.) I struggled through many trails and growing pains as a teenager but I knew in my heart something was missing. At that time, college was out! The thought of it intimidated me. I wanted to play soccer in college but I got scared of the classroom stuff. I never thought I was smart enough.


Instead, I decided to join the NAVY. I knew I still wanted to do something important with my life so I decided to serve my country. However, life didn't get any easier. I made some very poor decisions and got kicked out of the service. (That's another story for another time.) 


I got married and tried to get my life in order, so I decided to give college a try. I played soccer and I was still good! I was so good I tried out for a semi-pro team and made it.  Life was grand, but for a little while. Six weeks into our first season I ruined my left knee and I was done, finished, ca-put! I went into a tailspin of depression and fear, now what? What do I have to offer this world? What was a suppose to do with my life now?

I was then introduced to a friend, a lifeline, a Savior.  I accepted CHRIST as my savior at the age of 20, and I knew preaching HIS word was my destiny. I went on to graduate Genesis Bible College. I took what I thought were my weakness and turned them into my energy and unique style! I looked at my talents and my past- the good, bad, and the ugly; and knew I could use them to inspire others so I became a lifelong educator and coach. I have had the awesome privilege of traveling the world teaching and coaching with comedy skits, sports techniques, and my personal testimony.  My journeys have taken me to Russia, Germany, Riga Latvia, Mexico, Europe, and all over the USA.

In the middle of all this, some wonderful and crazy stuff has stuff has happened! For instance: On September 19, 1999, I was coaching at Grace Christian Academy in Colorado Springs. It was a cold raining day; perfect football weather. The coaches and the players were having a blast. After a wonderful short practice, due to weather, we decided to call it quits, load the vans up, and head back to campus. Just as the team was heading to the vans, I notice a football out on the field, and I quickly ran to retrieve it.  What happens next changed my life forever! As I reached for the ball a bolt of lightning struck the ground and went through me throwing me several yards back...ouch!

If you want to know what happened to me next than SCHEDULE ME FOR AN EVENT!



Coach David Verdu

Coach Verdu’s HIGHLIGHTS:

2006 – 2016               Head Coach Biokats Sports Network – College Recruiting Soccer, Basketball, Football, Volleyball

2010 – 2011              Asst Coach University Colorado Colorado Springs - Recruiting

2009 – 2010              Asst Coach Johnson & Wales University Denver – Lead Recruiter

2007 – 2009              Head Coach Girls Basketball, Ellicott High School

2005 - 2007               Assistant Coach Doherty High School Metro League Champions, 4A State Final

2005                            1st Place World Youth Jr. Nationals Basketball Tournament, Hawaii – Colorado Sting

2003 - 2005               Asst Coach - Coach Jeff Bzdelik, Head Coach, CU, Air Force, and Denver Nuggets

2002:                           3rd Place World Class Sports Jr. National Tournament, Hawaii – Colorado Sting

2001-  2002              Head Coach Football and Basketball Falcon High School

2001 - 2004              United States Air Force Academy Sports Camp Coach, Boys and Girls Basketball

2000 - 2009              President/Head Coach of Colorado Sting Basketball Club

1997-1999                Little Country School Basketball Coach 

1996-1997                 Weed High School Basketball Coach

1992-1995                 Petaluma Boys and Girls Club Supervisor - Sports Director