A mix of high-energy music, comedy, animated storytelling
and practical application appropriately presented for each grade level.

Educate  future leaders Locally and Nationally.

Empower people to STAND UP STAND OUT.

Encourage a culture to achieve their Goals.

Equip this generation to be Leaders.

We are here to EDUCATE this generation that character counts and character is cool. Our goal is to EMPOWER schools and communities to Stand Up Stand Out, by ENCOURAGING everyone to Stand Up against bullying, teen suicide, depression and other issues faced daily by helping EQUIP this generation to make a cultural change!


Together we will make a difference!


Grades K-5

Our Elementary Program includes Coach Verdu’s hilarious characters Hillbilly Willy, Crazy George, and Super Character Dude. Using everything from amazingly weird experiments to sleight of hand, Coach Verdu will make your students and staff laugh and learn to THINK before they speak and make good Choices for themselves and the people around them. This program includes our mega-fun pledge banner signing and wrist band celebration!

Middle School/Jr. High

Our Middle School Program is a high energy, audience participation hour packed with incredible videos, hilarious teacher-based action illustrations, sleight of hand, and Coach Verdu’s unique delivery style that will leave a lasting impact on your students and the entire school environment. Students will learn what Character Counts really means and how they can Stand Up and Stand Out! Coach will spend the rest of the day visiting classrooms and bringing a personal message to students, while encouraging Middle School Students to take the the No1Alone pledge: No1 stands or eats Alone!



High School

Our High School Program is a high energy reality-check for teens that opens up an in-depth conversation about individual responsibility, the epidemic of bullying and violence in schools, teen suicide prevention, and BEING the difference in their world. Using powerful videos, enlightening illustrations, and Coach Verdu’s “step 2 the left” concept, students will clearly see how each day the choices they make effect their life, their future, and lives of everyone around them.