David & Ranaye Verdu - CEO/Founders

As a lifelong Educator and Award-Winning Coach, David Verdu founded Way Beyond Measure out of a desire to positively impact the minds and hearts of students, teachers, families, and communities of this nation.

 Known as “Coach Verdu” to thousands of young people across the U.S.; he is a charismatic and energetic speaker, author, singer, and has a knack for engaging his audience with a wide range of methods of presentation including comedy, dramatic storytelling, engaging videos,  and occasionally- a little sleight of hand. His unique style is both inspirational and profoundly insightful, and his message of Anti-Bullying and Character Development leaves a lasting impression upon audiences of all ages and backgrounds. (*See Bio for more highlights)

Ranaye Verdu is an extraordinary wife, mother of 6 kids, and foster mother to over 50 children. Along with David, her sincere heart for youth and kids, her encouraging spirit, and her distinguished list of abilities helped to create and build Way Beyond Measure. She is a talented Artist, Musician, Singer, and professional Esthetician. When she is not taking care of the administrative needs she enjoys cooking, playing piano, painting, and of course, spending  as much time  as possible with their grandkids. 

Susan Reyonds - National Representative

For 25 years, Susan has intermittently worked in Children’s Ministry in Ohio and Kentucky. She is the mother to three incredible children, a set of boy/girl twins and another daughter. Susan has been successful in the corporate world, is a US Air Force Veteran, and is currently double majoring in Religion and Psychology online at Liberty University. In her down-time she enjoys spending time with family (especially her children), hiking, traveling, running, quilting, singing, and baking. Being a mother of young children, she can’t imagine just sitting back and not doing anything; so, she is standing up and standing out to help make a difference as a volunteer at Way Beyond Measure. “I am so excited to be a part of Way Beyond Measure, and helping make a difference!”

John Henderson - National Representative

I grew up in Nebraska (Go Big Red) Michigan, & Georgia.  I served in the United States Air Force which took me through Texas, Mississippi & Oklahoma.  In Oklahoma I met the love of my life, Becky.  We have been married 12 years and counting. Since 2006 we have lived in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Colorado.  We love living in Colorado!  I have had the opportunity to work as a baker and restaurant manager.  I am so excited to join the Way Beyond Measure team!

Johnny Daniels - Sound Tech

Johnny's been with the team from the beginning.  He likes to be behind the scenes where he can fix and make the production go off with out a glitch. He hopes to one day share his personal story with the world. Until then, he is just happy helping his Dad conquer the world!

Johnny & RuthAnn Holland - Senior Adviser

Johnny and Ruth Ann have been involved in ministry for their entire forty-one years of marriage. They have ministered with their three children as Youth Pastors, Worship Leaders, Choir Directors, Assistant Pastors, and Senior Pastors throughout the Southeastern States, Texas, Oklahoma, California, and Germany.

Johnny has been a Minister for over forty years teaching in two Bible Colleges/Seminaries while writing text books that are being used throughout the world.

Ruth Ann has many different facets of ministry experience that range from developing a Child Care Center to being a Director of a military chapel bible education program consisting of several denominations. 

Amber Easton-Payne - Adviser

Amber is a Published Author, Inspirational Speaker, Actress, Singer, Ordained Minister, and Mom of 5 phenomenal kids! She worked her way through college as a Radio DJ and sought after Voice-Over Artist. Graduating from Lee University after traveling the globe with the world- renowned Lee Singers, she went on to be the Director of Communications and Educational Materials, and Head Writer for a Motivational Speaking and Leadership Development Company in association with Zig Ziglar. After finding success in the corporate world, she left to seek new adventures including becoming the Florida State Youth Director for COGOP, Managing Editor of The Sunshine News, A Children’s Minister in the Cayman Islands, Director of the touring Drama troupes Fire Starters and Messenger 4:23, the Founder/ Director of Kid Joy Fine Arts Events, and a Nationally known Worship Leader and Speaker at Women’s Conferences.

“I’m elated to join the team at Way Beyond Measure and I can not imagine a more worthy pursuit than investing the in lives of teens and children. Coach Verdu’s admirable cause to eradicate bullying and positively shape the character of the next generation has already changed countless lives and I’m thrilled to use every gift and experience I’ve been blessed with to contribute to this outstanding team!"

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